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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Uncommonly Common Service

It is human nature to talk about negative experiences, especially when it comes to customer service. Seldom do we acknowledge, at least publicly, some “uncommonly common service” we received during the day. So here I go with a couple…

I have ordered contact lenses from for a few years, usually a six-month supply each time. A couple of weeks ago, it was time to reorder. Instead of using the Internet, I placed a call to 1-800-CONTACTS. With my previous order I had received a couple of damaged packs, and I wanted to make sure the company was aware of this.

My call was answered on the second ring with a most pleasant voice. Within a few seconds, she had my order history in front of her, listened to the problem I had with my previous order, said that she would not charge me for four packs, and my new order would be shipped the same day.

The same day, the soft water conditioning equipment at my home was malfunctioning and the water was unbearably hard. It was a Thursday afternoon, and I called DuPage Water Conditioning (the company from where I was renting the equipment) and the lady who answered the phone said that the earliest a technician could come in would be the following Monday. I gave her my cell phone number and said if there was any way the service call could be expedited, I would be most obliged.

Within ten minutes, I received a call from the owner of the company. He just happened to have overheard the lady answering my call. He said that he was on his way out for the day, but would come by my place and repair the equipment right away. Wow!

All of you who provide “uncommonly common service”, I salute you.

You are a most refreshing breath of fresh air, and may your tribe increase.



This sounds so good! And you are right - good service, especially a prompt one, deserves mention nad credit.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous water treatment system said...

It's great to read about your good experience dealing with these companies :-)

We often heard about negative stories when it happens, but it's very rare to listen people complimenting when a company deserve it.

7:27 PM  

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