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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Doing Business in India

The Focus Section of the April 30, 2007 print issue of Crain’s Chicago Business is on “Doing Business in India.” (

The section starts off…
“India is a land of stories. The Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana, epic tales of godly power and wisdom, come to mind.
There are also the legendary melodramas of Bollywood, with devious villains and dramatic reversals of fortune.
Each of these tales comes with a moral. So do the stories of today.
But the latest seekers coming to India crave enlightenment of a different sort, truths made possible by a surging economy, a new consumer class and the promise of riches.
Some are finding it.
For others the search continues.”

The search…This is where PentaTwo can be of help to companies desirous of entering the Indian market. Please scroll down and read the February 21 and March 6, 2007 entries.

We know the people and the cultures – not to mention the geography (not being critical about the Crain’s article – calling Pune a south Indian city would be akin to calling Portland, Oregon a southern US city), the history, the traditions, and the languages.

We know what will work.

We can help you find “it.”

We call it Practical Thinking.