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Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 10, 2018
This word, I believe will go down in history as the most overused word of 2018.
It is only February 10, 2018, and I am sick of this word.
In truth, I was sick and tired of this word a year ago.
No, make that a few years ago!
To those who use this word as a part of their daily spoken/written attempts, may I suggest you try another word?
Let me be real candid, dear users of this word. 
What do you intend to mean when you use the word?
Are you suggesting there should be many people of Icelandic origin included along with those of Brazilian origin? 
Why not add a couple of Kiwis, too.
That would indeed be “diverse”.
Iceland is about as cold a place as you can find, and Brazil could be a very warm/hot place?
Or, are you suggesting that there should be gypsies from Hungary, a couple of cockneys from London, and a handful of peasants from India, and monks from Tibet?
Now that would certainly be “diverse”
For good measure, let us add a couple of aboriginals from Australia; two from Kyoto; Japan; and, a couple of native Inuits.
NOW, we have a truly diverse group.
Let’s go for it!
However, you and I know that is NOT what you mean.
You are making attempts at not wanting to “upset” any one.  The person you are trying to not offend has clearly won this battle.  He knows that he has made you change your language.
He has won “Round One”.
Uh! Oh! I used the pronoun, “He”.
Shame on me (go stand in the corner, facing the corner, for 15 minutes.  Put a finger on your lips and not a word from you, Bala.  Not even a whimper)! 
Let me put it another way.
You go shopping and buy a few bananas, a couple of oranges, and a dozen apples.  You also buy a couple of lemons, a cauliflower, and some carrots. 
You are going out to buy some fruits and vegetables.  Right?
Or do you have to say, I am going out to buy some produce? 
Why are we getting to be so…? 
Let us go back to my use of the pronoun, “He”.
If I do not want to have my “wrist slapped”, I need to say, “They”.  Which would then require me to change the complete sentence to read “They are going out to buy some fruits and vegetables.”
There is ONLY one person going out; and, if I am not mistaken, the word “they” means a “more than one person”.

Think and write.