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Friday, April 03, 2009

An Open Letter to Advertisers.

Dear CEOs, CMOs, Directors of Marketing, Directors of Advertising, Account Planners, Creative Directors, and Copywriters:

Yes, times are tough. Most of us consumers have tightened our belts and further tightening is impossible for many.

Yes, we are eating only the bare essentials, driving the bare minimum, surviving with what we have, not using credit cards, falling behind on many scheduled payments, and living a very worried life.

We do not need to be reminded of this fact every moment of our lives, especially with every commercial opening with words to the effect of…

“In these economic times…”

“We understand you are going through difficult times…”

“Here’s a stimulus package for you. Have a sandwich, an order of fries, and a medium-sized beverage for just four dollars…”

“Now you can buy a car from us and if you should lose your job…”

I am sure most of your consumers/potential consumers have heard similar words over the radio or television in the last few weeks, and unfortunately will continue to do so in the coming months.

Please use the power of advertising in a positive manner. If you want to have a sale, go ahead. If you want to give away your product or service, that is your prerogative. A sandwich for three dollars, please do so. You can do all this and more. But please do not tell us you are doing this because you want to help those of us who are adversely affected by the economic conditions. You are doing this because you are in the same predicament as all of us: to make ends meet by making a few dollars.

Reminding someone of their misery makes them frown even more. Putting a smile on someone’s face costs nothing. Think about it.

Think positive!

I call it Practical Thinking.

Wish you a positive and pleasant day.

Best Regards,



Blogger kallu said...

Bala, your incisive thinking and crisp writing is like a breath of fresh air. Just to read your blog is to imbibe a bit of your positive attitude. Thanks to Gowri for introducing us to you.

11:05 PM  

Great writing - and thinking!

8:16 AM  

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