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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Putting The Customer First.

In early July, I was taking a cab from the Indies Hotel to the Kingston Airport in Jamaica and the lady on the two-way dispatch radio was blabbering. During the 30-minute ride to the airport, the cab driver was silent with the dispatch lady’s voice providing audio entertainment.

The Jamaicans have their own dialect with an accent as pronounced as that of a Cockney, making one wonder if she was indeed talking in English.

In between making dispatch requests, she also made an announcement to the cab drivers. It was only when she made the same announcement for the third time during the ride, did the message make sense to me.

Every day, cabs would be stopped randomly and inspected for exterior and interior cleanliness. Also, the cab driver should be well groomed, attired neatly, and exude no body odor. Your customer expects this.

Each day, the top ten drivers would receive a 25% discount at a specific gas station.

What an uncommonly common idea. Make it a pleasant ride for your customer.

Well done, Jamaica!

Practical Thinking at its best…


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